Many are Cold but Few are Frozen: Plain tales from Antarctica

Chambers-Cover-WebPlain Tales from Antarctica are short stories based on real incidents that occurred during the author’s two-year stay as a meteorologist at Halley 3, a British Research base in Antarctica located about 500 miles from the South Pole.

In 1973 to 1975, Graham Chambers was part of an eighteen-man (no women) research group that lived in this fascinating yet unforgiving landscape.

He writes:

“It was a unique experience and one with sights, sounds and smells which are not forgotten after forty years.

“Each story is based on real events and essentially is a true recollection, barring a strictly limited amount of literary licence and the limitations of human recollection. It is worth mentioning in this respect the ‘witness’ phenomenon, whereby 12 people can witness the very same event and produce at least half a dozen unique recollections of it.

“Thanks are due to the characters who inadvertently animated the stories. Some names have been changed and others not.”

About the Author

Now retired, Graham Chambers formerly worked as linguist and editor. He grew up in Middlesbrough, a large industrial town in northeast England, and currently lives in southern Portugal.