Books by Guy Jones

Demon Seed

unnamedFrom the sultry south side of India, a woman raises her five children in times of strong political upheaval in the country.

An uneducated miner’s daughter from South Wales, who continually runs away from home because of her father’s brutal treatment of her, marries into Indian aristocracy, and eventually hosts gatherings entertaining the likes of Omar Sharif and Mahatma Gandhi, even Lord Mountbatten.

Her husband, a talented cinematographer who travels globally, visits his white novelty every so often demanding his conjugal rights. She bears him three children, and after the second son is born, he loses all interest in his marriage.

She has a whirlwind romance with her husband’s stepbrother, having two children of their union. Under the influence of substance abuse, he mistreats her.

About the Author

unnamed (1)Guy Jones was always an observer of life and the many sides of humanity. He believes that out of tragedy, betrayal, and suffering, there is always a phoenix reborn out of the burning ashes. His studies in psychology/psychotherapy have given him understanding behind the often confusing ways of mankind. He believes we are governed by destiny or fate in that we have the choice to alter our own scripts as we see fit. This book follows The Journeys of Rowena Sunita Singh, and the work to follow is Omina Uvorix, an occult fantasy.