Books by H. G. Hastings-Duffield

Biblical Events Told Truthfully

Duffield Cover WebBiblical Events Told Truthfully and with Compelling Critical Commentary – Not the Shammed Trash of the Testaments discusses the difference between fact and fiction in the Bible, between truth and fabrication.

The heart of this controversial yet incisive book explores the absurd discrepancies between reality and the Testaments of the Bible.

The author was inspired to write this book by “the plethora of willfully ignorant Christians who merely read the Bible but do no thinking about it. They go from word to word without questioning anything.

Their reasoning, or lack of it, is that whatever is in the Bible is true because whatever in the Bible is true: the logic of an imbecile. For example, they never ask who is narrating Genesis

About Significant Secular and Sacred Matters in America

Duffield Cover WebThe text in Significant Secular and Sacred Matters in America contains nineteen commentaries, nine on secular matters and ten on sacred matters.

The secular materials focus on various matters in American society, including the reprehensible treatment of war veterans, racism by celebrities, Congress’ usurpation of citizens’ rights, and other issues.

The sacred matters focus on religious privilege, the terrorism inherent in Christianity, the enigmatic genesis of Jesus, the evil of Yahweh, and more.

An American citizen, military veteran, and secular humanist (which benighted people confuse with “atheist”) wrote all the commentaries. His intent was to edify fellow citizens, who perhaps never thought of matters the way the author does, due to social indoctrination, indifference, and willful ignorance.

Unsolicited Discourses by an Atheist for the Edification of Citizens

9781681811314-Duffield CV.inddThis book is an anthology of discourses on religionand is comprised of 10 discussions. Some are aimed at specific church audiences such as Baptists. Some were delivered at public open forums.

All are aimed at getting religionists to consider new ways of looking at various aspects of their religion, including principles, practices, and beliefs they likely never before considered, probably because of willful ignorance.

Was Yahweh not a despicable fornicating rapist, and was not Jesus a bastard by definition?

Above all, Unsolicited Discourses by an Atheist is certainly eye opening.

The Tragic History of Delaney Walker’s Struggles with the Imp of Dire Straits

9781681813226-Duffield_CV.inddOnce upon a time, Delaney Walker’s life was filledwith warmth and love and family and friends, expectations and desires and happiness. Then a disastrous lifelessness set in. Living became painful to him, too painful to endure until the end of time.

Delaney, retired after teaching for over thirty years at university level, had become filled with despair and was trying to understand why.

On the morning of February 25, 2004, Delaney was afflicted with enough serious mental derangement to warrant a psychiatrist’s enrolling him into what Delaney facetiously came to call “The Depressing Society of the Deeply Depressed.”

Unlike many societies, this one has no proud members.

It is a very large community containing millions of associates and is quite exclusive, because nobody – absolutely nobody – gets in without proper credentials.

Concerning Two Jews and One Christian: A Raped Momma, a Bastard Son, and an Apostle-Plus Edifying Addenda

Among other subjects, Addenda is composed of commentaries about the Bible, distinctions between deism, theism and atheism, speculation about the invention of religion, and evidence for the existence of Yahweh, the Christian God.

H. G. Hastings-Duffield’s controversial book provides a miscellany of insightful observations and commentaries about poor Mary and her rape by a fornicating God; about the disingenuous Jesus, her bastard son; and about the know-it-all Paul, self-appointed designer of Christianity and an unconscionable misogynist.

Born in a coal mining town in West Virginia, H. G. Hastings-Duffield is a retired professor emeritus at Central Michigan University. He spent thirty years of his thirty-five-year teaching career at three universities in Michigan. The author retired in 1997 and now lives in Atlanta. This is his twenty-fifth book.

About the Author

H. G. Hastings-Duffield grew up in West moved to Michigan during the early years of World War II, and now lives near Atlanta. He says, “Had I remained in West Virginia, I likely would be dead from black lung disease. The move afforded me the opportunities to earn two universities degrees, teach thirty-five years at three universities, and write for the edification of fellow citizens.” This is his sixteenth book.