The Eat Clean Lifestyle Companion

Book Synopsis:

Congratulations for taking your first step in the right direction in eating green and clean. This lowcarbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diet can overcome medical and weight issues in a natural way.

After losing weight on LCHF, author Jean Erasmus began her own support group in Zimbabwe, which
attracted 2,000 members on Facebook from throughout the world. “I am very passionate about the success of the system, and the coaching one-on-one has benefitted people in a very unique way.”
Although there are other books on the subject, “ordinary people, like me, need a basic and clear picture of how the system works,” Erasmus says. She advises getting physician approval before beginning any diet program.

This motivational book contains numerous personal testimonies by people who have lost amazing amounts of weight. Featured on the back pages are some brave and focused people who have conquered their weight issues.

“This morning I am at 65 kgs, that’s a total loss of 15.3 kgs in a few months. When you initially told me my ideal weight, I never thought I could achieve that goal. I am now under my goal weight. I would never have achieved this without you and your amazing guidance. You have had such a positive impact on my health, and I am eternally grateful.” – Client testimonial

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Author Bio:

Jean Erasmus is a Zimbabwean mother of four children. “To date I have lost 48 kgs and 10 inches off my waist alone. I have had an incredible journey with the low carb high fat system.” She is off her medications and has stayed healthy. “I have more energy now at the grand age of 55 than I did at 21.”