Books by JeanField

Hello, Friends. Where are You Going?

perf8.500x11.000.inddThis wonderfully illustrated children’s book asks the question Hello Friends: Where are You Going?

Meet Spotty Dotty Little Red Ladybug, Jumpy Bumpy Little Green Frog, Hoppy Floppy Little Gray Rabbit, Wiggly Squiggly Little Rainbow Caterpillar, and all their other pals, as the friends are described in rhyme and drawn in bright colors.

So where are the friends headed? Young children will enjoy the surprises in store when all the friends finally get where they’re going. They find something beautiful and Wiggly Squiggly Little Rainbow Caterpillar has something wonderful happen to him.

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About Zoie NO! The Little Boxer Puppy

HancockCoverNO! NO! NO! Puppies can get into a lot of mischief, and that is exactly what this little boxer puppy is doing in JeanField’s delightful story.

All Zoie ever hears from her owner, Ms. Jen, is, “Zoie, NO!” So Zoie thinks that’s her name! When the other pets try to explain to Zoie that her name is simply Zoie, and not Zoie NO, she doesn’t believe them. Her friends show Zoie that she is growing up and has to learn to follow the rules.

Perhaps if she can learn how to stay out of trouble, Ms. Jen will just start calling her Zoie.

Twinkle, A Christmas Story

Twinkle A Christmas StoryMiracles can Happen, no Matter how Little You Are!

Good advice pays off for a little pine tree in JeanField’s charming holiday tale that you won’t have to wait until Christmas to read. Best friends come in all shapes and sizes and, in this story, it happens to be in the shape of a little gray squirrel named Jim.

Twinkle the little pine tree has only one wish, and that is to be taken home by a little girl named Mary and be her Christmas tree. But what prevents Twinkle from growing into a big, beautiful pine is a giant, mean Oak Tree that blocks out the sunlight and teases Twinkle for being so small.

Find out how Twinkle’s best friend, Jim, helps to keep his spirits up in this charming little story that not only teaches an important lesson of friendship, but also one of never giving up hope.


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