The Gemini Masters: Vol. I: Paths Cross

An American pilot shot down over North Korea in 1972 learns “the art of the ultimate Human.” When he returns to the States sixteen years later, he hunts criminals as the ultimate martial artist.

Cameron St. James is a talented high-altitude recon pilot. When one of his missions takes him over North Korea, his plane goes down. Atop a mountain peak he meets another American, Bull Beauchamp, who has learned to be the ultimate human from an ancient book written by a Korean mystic.

Bull tutors St. James for sixteen years until he too is a Master. In 1988, North Korean troops seek out the two Americans. St. James escapes and travels to Seoul during the Olympic Games. Through a case of mistaken identity, he is able to return to the States and discovers his life’s mission is to eradicate true evil.

St. James’ missions bring him to the attention of two deadly government agents from the H.O.P.E. division of S.E.C.T., who are every bit as ultimate as he is, as well as a lone FBI agent who doesn’t know exactly what she’s tracking.

Their destinies become intertwined as their Paths Cross.

John B. Macurdy grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, the son of a world-renowned opera singer and an accomplished pianist. He has been an elite gymnast, diver, decathlete, and is acknowledged as a martial arts master. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Michelle.

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