The First Rays of Sun

In the southwestern corner of the country once known as France, the future looks bleak for Earth’s survivors. Without any borders or countries, there are only tribes trying to stay alive.

Following numerous disasters, the remaining people have established themselves as hunters and gatherers. They are also warriors, ready to defend and kill when necessary.

Garr, together with her brother, were once fearsome warriors. After meeting a wise older man who guides her into maturity, Garr’s life is changed forever. She becomes the partner of a nomadic tribe’s leader and works to change the future.

The stunning futuristic novel The First Rays of Sun follows Garr in this new world order where the rules of society are being rewritten. The story takes Garr forward from a world of base survival and brutality, to the growth and development of a functioning kingdom.

An adventure of mind and spirit, the story repeats the journey taken by societies and peoples throughout history. What will this new world look like?

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About the Author

Now retired, John Brooks grew up near Croydon in Surrey, south of London. As a young man he lived in Kent, and now resides in a beautiful little village in Almeria, Spain. This is the first book in a trilogy.