Vincent J. Muggs Googles the Earth
by John Fairbanks Hanna

About the Book

Hanna Web Cocer

Vincent J. Muggs is a nine-year-old boy who loves to explore. In this book, he Googles the Earth and visits twelve of the world’s most famous sites. His boyish humor will please adults as well as children.

The glossary words are arranged in order from the page in which they appear in the book and provide extra learning opportunities.

This is the second children’s book written by John Fairbanks Hanna. His first book, Vincent J. Muggs What If, tells about the same curious boy’s wonderings about life’s scenarios.

About the Author

Now retired, John Fairbanks Hanna was an elementary school teacher and principal for thirty-six years. “I loved seeing the inquisitive nature of children.” He resides in Huntington, West Virginia.