A New Philosophy: Brainism or The Demystification of Consciousness by John G. Deville

About the Book

Deville Cover WebJohn G. Deville shows in his book that before him, philosophers’ ignorance of the human brain prevented them from knowing anything about bio-electromagnetism. As a result, they were using unproven postulates and ambiguous expressions to create theories full of questionable premises and conclusions.

That’s why Ludwig Wittgenstein once said, “Philosophy leaves everything as it is.” In this book, Deville has destroyed some 4,000 years of philosophy to convince the new world that philosophy is not the same any more.

He is the first philosopher to introduce the irrefutable concept of preconsciousness, to show that neonates and very young children up to the age of about five years old are preconscious, because they don’t have the levels of consciousness required for conscious thoughts to occur in their cerebrum or the frontal lobe.

About the Author

Deville Web PicJohn G. Deville grew up in the former British colony of Mauritius as a citizen of the UK, where he worked as a journalist for eight years. He migrated to Australia in 1967, where he was required to become an Australian citizen in 1972 because he was working in the Australian Defense Force as a civilian and staff officer. The author studied law but majored in philosophy. He now resides at Rosebud in the State of Victoria, Australia.