Love Stories

love storiesLove Stories is about love at all ages, from the obsession of a young man in his early twenties for an older woman, to the sentimental journey of an old man, whose wife has recently died, to find the love he left behind him in war-torn England after World War II to return to the States.

In DIANNE, the narrator finds himself obsessing over a beautiful woman he has seen on a train. It intensifies when she accidentally bumps into him on the steps of the New York Public Library a few weeks later. Frightened, not sure he isn’t getting into something that is more than he can handle, he accepts her invitation to accompany her to a penthouse party on New Years eve. The ensuing relationship, filled as it is with beauty and tenderness, leaves him scarred and shaken when Dianne’s own obsession, the mysterious world-traveler Charlie, returns to claim her.