Socket, Where Are You? A Story About Seven Cottage Dogs by Jude Leonard & Larraine Buswell

9781628577754 Buswell CV 032914-smCaring for Seven Dogs Isn’t Easy! Children’s Story Tells What Happens

When One Goes Missing

Socket, Where Are You? Only six dogs showed up for supper, and Socket never misses a meal! Dog gone!

In this charming children’s book based on a true story, seven dogs, all with widely different personalities and characteristics, live at Ruishton Cottage in New Zealand. When it comes time for dinner and Socket is missing, the other dogs remember that she was last seen chasing two wild rabbits.

This wonderfully illustrated book features poetry and rhyming, as the great dog search begins. Thankfully, Socket returns home and she doesn’t even miss her dinner! See what else is in store for these loveable pooches.

About the Author

Co-author and illustrator Jude Leonard lives west of the Hauraki Plains in New Zealand and has a great love of all animals.

Socket, Where Are You? is based on a true story about seven dogs living at Ruishton Cottage, which is owned by Larraine Buswell, who breeds dogs and is a dog groomer.