Books by J. W. Reed

Genetic Memory of the Cazadores

The cutting edge of human brain research is exploring how to download our own individual memory for digital storage and later shared access. In the near future, the brilliant neuro-scientist Steven Marshall collaborates with his devious post-doc student to discover access to “Genetic Memory” residing in us all. Identify your own fleeting ability to access your own inherited memory as déjà vu, mystical or religious visions, certain types of creative thought, vivid repeating dreams, infatuation with the past and genealogy, artistic inspiration, child prodigies, or even the monster within. This science fiction novel, “The Genetic Memory of the Cazadores” elaborates upon the plausible science of translating the locked codes of genetic memory to re-create a compelling story of human experience. Join a typical middle- aged man, Robert Walker, as he undertakes his dangerous journey of the mind and uncovers a past available to us all – hidden deep in the abyss of human history. You are invited to discover your own ancestral ‘genetic memory’!