Books by Karishma Krishna

Little World The Magical Surrender

Little World – The Magical Surrender takes you on an enchanting journey deep into the ocean where you will find adventure, mystery, revenge and death. The hunger to avenge her parent’s death sends Charisma, an Idol of the Eternity Race, on a mission of destruction. When her parents are killed by a member of the Sagginental Race, Lord Ocean guides Charisma in the ocean world. She is shown by her mermaid guardians how to open portals into Little World where the Chosen Ones teach her spells in the Learning Towers. While in Little World, Charisma goes back in time for a holiday in Scotland where she and Idol Tristan are attacked by Evil Goritha. Charisma uses her powerful light to kill the evil spirits and they are sent back to Little World where they’re told they must get married…travel to Little World and uncover this mystical tale that lies deep in the ocean.

About the Author

Author Karishma Krishna loves writing and has struggled to publish her first book, Little World – The Magical Surrender, which she has helped edit and market. She has interestingly finished books two through five in the Little World series, and is currently finishing the sixth. She is nuts about her two favorite characters, Flory and Curie, which she finds bewitching in her sixth book! Karishma graduated with a diploma in management studies and is now enjoying working. She regularly posts on her Facebook, Twitter and Linked In social sites and loves to hear from her lovely readers and fans.