Books by Kate McLaughlin

Fast Food Kills

Madge and Paul Franklin enjoy being retired. They also enjoy living full-time in their recreational vehicle and having adventures as they travel across America.

The couple has been on the road as full-time RVers for over 6 years. Sometimes they travel as simple tourists, but often they work as volunteers with different organizations.

Recruited by a semi-official government organization to work in clandestine operations, the Franklins find themselves RVing throughout the Southwest tracking a “mad” scientist suspected of killing people in fast food restaurants.

The Franklin’s investigation takes them from White Sands National Monument in New Mexico to Virginia, back to New Mexico, and then to Death Valley National Park, where the murder mystery reaches its climax. Who is killing these fast food diners … if it’s not the calorie-laden food?

Cold Case

Madge and Paul Franklin are full-time RVers. They often work as volunteers with different organizations, as well as occasionally being called on by a semi-government organization to work in clandestine operations.

Join the Franklins on their second travel/mystery adventure as they shepherd friends from France down the Skyline Drive to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Enjoy the sights along the way and share Madge’s frustration as hikers keep disappearing off the Appalachian Trail.

When a disaster occurs in a small town in rural Virginia, Madge finds herself embroiled in more than simply solving the mystery of the disappearing hikers. Ride along as Madge attempts to stop the bad guys from wreaking havoc at local celebrations, and in the process, finds the answer to those disappearing hikers.