Books by Keith Roberts

So Far From God

At 2:54 a.m. on Friday October 12, 1984, an active service unit of the Provisional
Irish Republican Army detonated an explosive device on the sixth floor of the Grand
Hotel in Brighton, England.
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and senior members of her government were in the
hotel attending their annual party conference. The device had been placed behind a
bath panel in room 629 a month earlier, and was irrefutably “the most destructive
single assault on the government since the attempt to blow up Parliament 380 years
earlier. The object was to wipe out most of the British government, which was
uncharacteristically, in a single location,” (The Times, Friday, October 12, 1984).
Ten years later, in April 1994, the trial of six members of the Provisional Irish
Republican Army was heard in Tucson, Arizona. The six were indicted for conspiracy
to purchase explosives and weapons for use by the Provisional Irish Republican
This story is based on those two incidents and involves two characters: an Irishman
who was one of the gang convicted for the Grand Hotel bombing, and a former
British Police officer who had been on the Thatcher security detail. Their paths cross
again in Northern Mexico with horrendous results, and the former policeman goes on
a rampage.

About the Author

This is the first novel by Keith Roberts, a former guardsman in
Her Majesty’s Brigade of Guards. After retiring from the British Police, he
immigrated to the USA. “I grew up in Coventry, an industrial city in the middle of
England, and now live the cowboy life in Tucson, Arizona, with three horses, three
dogs, and the occasional rattlesnake.