Books by Keith Ryder

Unforgotten Dreams: This Is the True Story of a Very Young Metis Boy Who Challenges the Demon That Lurks in the Shadows of Darkness

Although the names have been changed in this stirring memoir, the author relives his painful childhood, which was filled with the worst type of abuse a child could live through.

Lance Parker survived physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, as well as emotional abuse.

He tells how to recognize the changes abused children could go through over a short period of time. He also shows how you can help a child being abused.

Worst of all, these children suffer at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

Don’t let another day go by without reading the timely book Unforgotten Dreams: This is the true story of a very Young MEtis Boy who challenges the Demon that lurks in The shadows of darkness.

Keith Ryder grew up and still lives on a MEtis settlement in northern Canada. He wrote the book to help others survive the lingering brutality of abuse. This is his first book.