Author Kenneth H.B Adderley

52 Life-Changing Strategies for Successful Living

The idea for 52 Life-Changing Strategies to Successful Living was inspired by my personal experiences: My marriage of twenty-nine years, respective roles as a father and senior pastor, seminar/workshop teacher, conference speaker – and as a coach – empowering young people through the sport of baseball.

All my familiarities of life, motivational teachings, and team-building notes were placed in this handy text. 52 Life-Changing Strategies to Successful Living is an easy-to-read, simply written book, yet is profound in its implications. It can be used as a personal weekly devotional, a guide for cell groups, or as a manual for team building and empowerment for employees.

The book is a guide to living life’s journey successfully. From facing struggles, issues, and problems in life, to overcoming unhealthy relationships and staying focused on our purpose, we are all equipped with the knowledge to solve life’s problems and are uniquely created by God to fulfill our God-Given assignment. 

This journey encompasses taking life’s experiences and turning them into stepping-stones of success.

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About the Author

Rev. Kenneth H.B. Adderley has served as senior pastor of Temple of the Word Ministries, Nassau, Bahamas, for the past twenty years. He is a marriage officer and justice of the peace in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, as well as a marriage/relationship counselor and seminar/workshop lecturer. Pastor Adderley has travelled extensively throughout the USA, Caribbean, South America and Africa, establishing K.A.M (Kenneth Adderley Ministries) within these locations, including a site in West Palm Beach, Florida, providing motivational teachings and empowerment development. A former professional baseball player, the author has been a baseball coach for over ten years. He and his wife Bernadette have two children, Kennisha and Kyle. Thisis his seventh book.