The Lottery Winner: Tales from the Addict Files Volume 2


Why did author King Khan write his thrilling Addict Files series? “I was inspired by my own experience with drug abuse, and the devastation it caused in my life,” he says. “I decided to use my experience to write about addiction in a graphic fashion to take the glamour out of drug use, for all those who think of it as an acceptable form of recreation.”

In his second book, The Lottery Winner, Tyrone Moxley is a sheltered graduate student attending Catholic University. He is serious, honest, and principled, with values instilled in him by a loving and close-knit family.

Paul Vincent is the opposite of Tyrone. He is a self-serving, narcissistic drug abuser who uses anyone he comes across to satisfy his own selfish and petty desires. He also just won the lottery.

This novel about a sheltered young man who crosses the path of a despicable lottery winner exposes the naIve Tyrone to the dark elements of drugs, sex, and murder. It is also about loss of innocence, but is tempered with the redeeming power of love and forgiveness.

Set in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, this striking tale also tells the love story of a beautiful young woman looking for her knight in shining armor. Will she find him?

Juggling his career in health care and his hobby of marathon running, King Khan finds writing to be cathartic. The author grew up around the Washington, metropolitan area and currently lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. “In both areas, drug addiction is highly prevalent.” He is working on the third installment of his series.

Tales from the Addict Files

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Building on his research as a young psychology student and on several alcohol and drug overdoses, King Khan describes in this thrilling novel how the main character’s chance encounter with an alluring young lady leads to an evening of drug-filled partying and a fatal drug experience.

About the Author

“Save for future generations”

King Khan – a survivor of alcohol and drug addiction

– aspires to work with others globally in the hope that sharing his experiences and understanding will help develop fresh insights and perspectives into the challenges of dealing with addiction. The Tales from the Addict Files trilogy introduces the author as someone who knows all too intimately the world of addiction, and it prepares the way for his nonfiction novel – The Way – a most fascinating and wonderful new approach to treating all addictions. In real life, the author provides support and care for patients at a health facility. All statements expressed in this book are those of the author alone. His next two volumes in this trilogy, The Lottery Winner and The Womb are awaiting publication.