Intuition to Fruition: From My Inside to My Outside

Intuition to Fruition: From My Inside to My Outside tells the author’s story of surviving suicide.

In her own words, author Leanne Bourgeois says:

I hope to save lives by providing my personal story.

My book is a self-reflection, introspection type of piece, based on my experience with health issues and trauma. I hope to offer the insights I’ve learned, along with my journey to help others struggling with feeling stuck or that there’s no step they can take.

At first, I wrote this for me. I put these words together on paper to help me grieve, heal, and chart my experience. Then I got the idea that I could potentially help someone else by revealing my personal story.

I talked with a friend about publishing my book, feeling concerned with the response of how personally revealing my story would be. She said, “Please publish this for my brother. He needs your story to help him.” I realized I may be a vessel for others needing help and could possibly save the life of someone facing similar thoughts of suicide.

I dealt with many obstacles. These ranged from my own self-esteem, pride, ego, caring what others would think, a concussion, my physical and mental health, a family death, going through divorce, and financial problems. In the end, I felt relieved and proud I created this book.

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About the author

Born in Waltham, Massachusetts, Leanne Bourgeois now lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a Author Bourgeois Leanne Pix.jpeggraduate of Dalhousie University and has a BA in theatre. A dual citizen, her parents both hail from Canada. Besides writing, she loves to sing and play the piano. This is her first book.