The Short Shoes by Lia Sazu

About the Book

Sazu Cover WebThe Short Shoes tells the tale of a young girl who lives with her grandmother in a faraway land, one that is lush and beautiful. It also describes the ancient Chinese culture of binding girls’ feet.

Min is a pretty child who lost both her parents, but with her grandmother’s help, she seeks the courage to learn of her cultural roots. In the process, Min finds the path that leads to kindness.

The girl makes good friends who allow her to see the reflection of their souls, thus letting her find kindness and reach for her dreams. Among the songs, riddles, and poetry Min hears, she discovers new meaning to her existence. She grows into a timeless child in spirit, finding friendship and true love.

This timeless children’s story was written to show the importance of kindness in our lives.

About the Author

Dib Web PicOriginally from South America, Lia Sazu is now an English teacher. This is her second book. It was inspired by the poems of Chinese poet Li Po. The author wanted the story to provide a global view of Chinese culture, tell how the binding of feet could be misunderstood in other cultures, and explain how sometimes stereotypes of beauty can harm your health.