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The Town Time Forgot


The fascinating tale The Town Time Forgot begins in New York City when a U.S. marshal, Devon McKenzie, and NYC Detective Chris Gates end up transporting a well-known prisoner along the interstate. The two officers have never gotten along and are squabbling when their prisoner is forcefully removed from them en route during a time when the Aurora Borealis is at its brightest.

The van they are driving is wrecked and the officers are injured. They spend the next three days surviving in an isolated wilderness area. When they come upon a farmer, he takes them back to his house, where they are shocked to find that they have been transported back in time to 1869 Nebraska.

The farmer and his family wrongly assume the two are married, so Devon and Chris play along until they can figure out what happened and how they can get home. Over the next three months, they learn to rely and trust each other. The two become close and fall in love. During the supposedly safer “good old days,” the two suffer violence at the hands of a lawless society.

Devon and Chris adjust to an era when corruption dictates the law. They must play the game or suffer. Will they make it as a couple? And more importantly, will they ever make it back to their own time?

Ms. Abrams Everything Garden


Lisa Colodny pens a thoughtful read focusing on a young child and her growing love of nature. In kindergarten, a young girl learns of friends from different cultures, and her pensiveness creates an awareness of life around her. She expresses a wide range of emotions, mirroring those we have all felt in kindergarten. Later, she learns discernment and builds bolds based on a growing appreciation for Ms. Abrams, her teacher, and her wonderful garden. Ms. Abrams’ Everything Garden is quite a warm-hearted children’s book expressing friendship and community.