Lord Erskine: A Tale of Courage in a Child by Malcolm Otis Delano

About the Book

Erskine Cover WebHilary Rodham Clinton wrote the book It Takes a Village (to raise a child). Lord Erskine is the dark side of her work.

Erskine is an orphan whose plight is ignored by his neighbors. Winter is long, and he is in danger of perishing, but survives with the support and mutual affinity to animals.

Spring arrives with dreadful news. A ferocious dragon has appeared, devouring unlucky travelers.
Treasures will be awarded to anyone who will slay the dragon. Desperate, Erskine volunteers. No one is less qualified to slay the dragon than this little fellow, but off he goes!

Tribulations are found along the way, but with helpful sources, the dragon is pacified. Sometimes even a dragon has a legitimate point of view. We would do well to hear it! Courage, we need to muster it, and Erskine did. He went off on that long trek, and faced that dragon.

About the AuthorErskine Web Pic

Malcolm Otis Delano, born to a Pilgrim family, was raised in Massachusetts, and is a cousin to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He became a paratrooper at age seventeen, serving three years in the Korean War. After discharge, he obtained a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies with a minor in philosophy, a master’s degree in psychiatric social work, and finally, a doctorate in behavioral sciences. His career was spent working in mental health facilities and then as a school counsellor, while maintaining a private practice in psychotherapy. After retirement in 1987, the author moved to Mexico.