Books by Margie Vieira

Letting Go of Goodbye

After waking from a nightmare, Amanda Costa Standford receives a phone call from the Stockton Police Department.

She realizes then that her dream really happened.

Detective Ramon advises her to come to the police station, where Amanda meets her three-year-old grandson, Sam, for the first time.

Amanda is given custody of Sam and must not only ease him out of his trauma, but explain the family secret of clairvoyance – while going through the battles of showing him how to cope with it – and guard it. She has the strength, but doubts her stamina over the long haul. Amanda must convince her grandson that he is not evil and that his clairvoyance is a part of him to use as a guide in helping others.

As for Sam, he doubts his abilities and wants to forget he has such a gift. To him, it’s a burden too great to bear.

Fifteen years later, on the night of his high school winter formal, Sam runs into a gang in the parking lot. His doubts about his abilities keep him from seeing and believing in himself, landing Sam in the emergency room, where he lays near death.

Amanda needs to show Sam his true calling before it’s too late. And Sam must accept who he really is before he makes the biggest mistake of his life.

The ultimate lesson: “Time – the perfect thief, traveling unnoticed.”

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When Shadows Fade

Hounded by insecurity and self-doubt, eighteen-year-old Mary Standford learns she is a clairvoyant, but a medical condition impairs her auditory memory.

Facing her ill mother’s upcoming death, Mary must trust in her introvert father’s advice. As she struggles to find the missing pieces to the puzzles of her life, Mary hopes to slow down the ticking clock of fate, but her gaps of memory loss leads her on a path of uncertainty.

Even though Mary’s family surrounds her with love and support, her boyfriend makes her question if she will ever remember her whole life, as it literally passes her by.

When Shadows Fade begins with Mary’s early memories, then plunges into a journey of finding what is true and what lies behind life’s shadows.

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Blind Focus

Mariana Castillo is forewarned that she must guard her family’s secret of clairvoyance. But the brave twenty-five-year-old always meets life’s ups and downs head on, saying, “I want to be me and to be free.”

She soon learns that her defiance carries heavy consequences, when she’s attacked because she avoided discretion.

To protect her family, she buries her emotions, vowing never again to open herself to anyone. That is, until Cassius Russo comes into her life and confusion enters with him. An undercover FBI agent, he holds the key that will unshackle her from her fears and doubts, but only if she can accept his friendship and once more learn to trust.

Hiding and distrust have become habitual, but Mariana will die before she allows gun-running warlords to corrupt her most precious gift, her son, Michael.


About the Author

Margie Vieira lives in the San Joaquin Valley of California with her husband and three daughters. The simple life of farming and living out in the country has given her ample time to write. She also works four hours a day as a bilingual para-professional, working with second and third graders on phonics and literary comprehension. This is her third novel.