When Your Body Gets Weak

A May-December romance explained:

Imani and Sonjae have been suppressing feelings of intimacy that developed through a natural flow of events. Will their soulmate relationship, which has surmounted its share of obstacles, relinquish its “friendship” status by consummating their intimate desires?

Imani computed that it was delightfully puckish for one human body to be so flattering. Her personal summation of his complete package was reminiscent of a Greek god …

Imani found his mixture of shyness and confidence most charming. She mentally noted that, prior to being acquainted with Sonjae, she had found it difficult to meet a man who possessed characteristics that appealed to, what she considered, her fundamental outlook of a wholesome, male companion. However, for some time now, she had summed up the ideal man in two words: Sonjae Braddock.

“What a magnificent dish. She is lobster, filet mignon, and prime rib all on one plate.” He wiped his moist lips with the back of his hand, and then, in a natural flow of action, mechanically wiped the back of his hand onto his trouser leg. Continuing to whisper to himself, he said, “She’s too much for your average man, but not for me.” His voluptuous description while ogling Imani was evocative of a man lusting to bed a woman.

Not your typical romantic escapade, When Your Body Gets Weak depicts a May/November romance. The story blends intrigue, suspense, jealousy, desolation, physical fitness, camaraderie, and triumph, re-enforcing the principle that chivalry is still alive.

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About the Author:

Marilyn Louise Steede is the first female sergeant major in Bermuda’s military. She gives back to her community by walking continually for 24 hours one day a year for charity. This is her first book.