Beneath the Crimson Maples

Life is hard; there can be no denying it. To find a sense of identity with another person is easy, but one’s need for security then becomes nonexistent. Security is illusion. Can the characters in this novel completely accept this?

Consider Mr. Bogdanovich, a former alcoholic who finally finds solace through meeting his muse in a sandwich shop.

Everything we’ve been told must be questioned if we are to become fulfilled adults and parents. The models we’ve been raised to follow are shallow, to say the least.

Love and fear are not opposites. Can we overlook our past to live in the present? This is the question we must all ask ourselves.

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About the Author

Mark A. Schoedl lives in Southern California. He grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin and pieced together this recollection of Northwestern Milwaukee from his experiences as a youth and a young man. Many learn to “go with the flow” to get by, but a small minority see that building one’s own life and trusting in Christianity to nurture wounds may never quite be healing enough. It’s a rough road to honor truth, and that’s without making it a judgment. Order is disorder: There can be no denying that. However, can we weather the storm when others threaten our very existence to live and love? This is his first book.