Books by Michael D. Lefevre

Rock and Roll Children

It’s the 1980s and heavy metal music has exploded across America and Frankie, Bob, Rick and Jeff are caught up in it. From Dio to Twisted Sister, these metal heads hit up every concert they can. Attending college in different states, and even countries, heavy metal music is what brings these four best friends back together summer after summer. But with the middle of the 1980s begins the “intolerance” of heavy metal music. Girlfriends, yuppies and Jesus freaks want to put an end to the heavy metal scene just as artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Aerosmith are playing their greatest hits! Cracks begin emerging in their friendship while everyone is trying to make their own way in the world, especially when Jeff’s travels lead him to England. Will heavy metal all like Ted Nugent, Anthrax and Judas Priest bring these four friends back together, or are their partying days soon to be over? Michael D. LeFevre has published articles and book reviews in the “Times Education Supplement.” Rock and Roll Children is his first novel. Michael grew up in Linwood, New Jersey, served in the marines from 1979-83 and currently resides in Stroud in Gloucestershire, England. Most of Rock and Roll Children is based on his experiences during the 1980s. Michael listened to the music, bought the albums and attended almost all of the concerts mentioned in this book. Furthermore, dressing in the heavy metal fashion, he also experienced the intolerance he writes about.