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Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch by Michael Lingaard

9781681811055-Bevan_CV.inddTwelve thousand years ago, the fabled island of Aztlan, in a cataclysmic event, disappeared beneath the sea, taking with it all the island’s mysteries, which were lost forever. Or were they?

Bloodlines lived on, passed on through Aztlan’s survivors. These bloodlines included powerful priests and priestesses, who controlled almost mythical powers through the magic of Greater and Lesser crystals.

In modern day England, 16-year-old Jonathon Goode and his cousin, Elizabeth Waterhouse, are told by a fairground fortune teller that they will meet an elf in an emporium where magic is bought and sold. It comes to pass.

The elf gives Jonathon an Everywhere Key, opening a doorway to a realm between realities. Three Muses of magic in the realm are convinced that Elizabeth is the heir to an ancient bloodline of Priestesses, and believe she has the power to control a Lesser crystal.

They were wrong. Elizabeth does have a magic power, but it is the power of a biomorph. Elizabeth is a shape-shifter. It is Jonathon who has the true power.

The Muses tell a tale of a crystal that is no longer lost and is being use for evil. They want Jonathan and Elizabeth to find it and return it to them. But thecrystal is in another reality, one they can access through the Everywhere Key. They end up in the land of Thallos, where the survivors of Aztlan fled when their island home was submerged. But Thallos is also the home of Great Worms, dwarves, trolls, and magicians.

The Other Side of Magik

unnamed (2)Imagine a world where history and nature took a slightly different path … Harold won the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the DNA spiral is left-handed, dragons are real, werewolves can get a pension, electricity doesn’t work … and magic does.

England is a twenty-first century world of steam buggies and airships, a world in which magic is the science that binds the fabric of society. This science could offer a great future for its students, including sixteen-year-old Garreth Aldredge.

In The Other Side of Magik, Garreth, along with Danny, his double in the parallel universe that is our universe, are sucked into each other’s world because a Mandrake needs a body to inhabit, a body that is impervious to magic.

Can Wizard Emeritus Salamander Ord save Danny from being inhabited by the soul of an evil Mandrake, and return Garreth and Danny to their rightful worlds?

There is an alternative reality to the universe we know and understand. A very close and similar reality that is almost exactly the same, almost normal and familiar … except for some minor deviations. History there took a slightly different path.

The Other Side of Magik is a mesmerising story that may just be true … if you allow yourself to believe.

Pax Magellanica: Reichworld

2099AD. The colony starship Thorn is lost on her run to Barnard’s Star. Trapped in a worm hole for two years, she finally emerges among the glittering starfields of The Larger Magellanic Cloud.

Man has expanded his universe and prospered, but is fragmenting in his haste to populate new stars. A diaspora of greed, power, and opportunity over the new centuries leads to semi-regal empires of privilege and patronage.

Then, two sentient life-forms are found: the first, a benign Gaea entity; the second, a voracious pack society of frightening familiarity that seeks to reclaim the stars.

Suddenly, Man is outnumbered, fragmented, at war. And is losing.

A new way is needed: social revolution. The best and greatest minds of a generation find a way of uniting the disparate parts of human society. They call on history, emotion, myth, legend, and self-deception of all peoples to build a powerful movement.

The ways of old were thrown aside and a reich was born.

Technology blossomed and the Bio-ships were created.

Now here was one last desperate chance to hold the hordes back; to survive.

One last chance, but the Bio-ships needed very special people to pilot them. Like Axel van Diemen. Privileged and talented, he had everything to lose.

… and the unsteady hand of history is writing everything down.

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