Knat With a K

Knat Lio is a teenage boy who fancies himself a private detective. While on summer vacation, he is hired for some real detective work, investigating a man’s involvement in an armed robbery.

Antoine Fluellyn (Flu) is a supremely gifted football star who suffers a serious on-field injury. Even after he recovers physically, he cannot mentally regain his other-worldly potential, and instead drifts into a life of crime, finding employment in the underworld.

Set in New York State, the name of the crime drama’s main character, Knat Lio, was chosen by the author as an alternative to a palindrome, which is a word that’s spelled the same backwards or forwards, such as mom. “While I was still working (I’m retired now), I saw some words on a door, and I thought to myself, if I inverted those words, I could come up with an interesting name. And I built the character; Knat Lio, from those words.”

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About the Author

Michael Twelve was born in Alberta, Virginia, and has lived in New York City since he was five years old. “I have enjoyed concocting stories in my head, then writing about them, since I was a little boy.” This is his first book.