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Tris 1: The Miracle Child

The first installment of the intriguing new sequel to the Alexei, Accidental Angel series, aka “The Angel heptalogy”

Facing a childless future, Amanda and Joshua’s return to the Scottish island that once harboured the seven boy angels they knew from their childhood days almost 20 years earlier, is made complete when they are able to officially adopt their Godchild.

Tris has very quickly been dubbed “The Miracle Child” by the media for being the sole survivor of a catastrophic plane crash that killed his parents and almost two hundred other passengers.

Within a few months of his recovery and adaption to life on the island, an even greater miracle occurs when Tris starts to grow wings – an event that perhaps signals the start of a new age of miracles on the island.

His gradual metamorphosis into an angel, however, is not as straightforward as it first seems. As his various angelic abilities begin to emerge at an almost surprising rate, somewhere, hidden from even guardian Mykael, there is great danger waiting to be unleashed on the island, and its small, but loyal, community.

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Walter’s Child: A Mystery

For Police Sergeant Roger Maddox, the morning’s work at his small rural police station of Westford has amounted to the usual slow routine. If not for its rather remote location, the station would have been amalgamated with the nearby district of Hokitika years ago.

On this particular Tuesday in the rather small township, located mid-way down the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, a small boy wanders into the station and quietly announces: “My … my name is Rabbit. Walter told me to come here and tell you my name. I need to find some parents.”

Sergeant Maddox is at first a little bemused by the name and strangeness of the situation, thinking it just a simple case of a lost child. But the facts soon prove otherwise. Especially when this slight, ‘almost eleven-year-old” boy turns out to be the spitting image of a seven-year-old who was presumed drowned in an alpine river over fourteen years ago.

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A Skip in Time

April 2012, Auckland, New Zealand. When twelve-year-old Martyn Brooks wakes up one morning to find himself in a totally unfamiliar world, it’s just the start of his nightmare day. He’s still in the same bedroom in the same house he’s always lived in, but somehow it’s all changed. All his belongings in his room are no longer there.

Then a strange woman opens the door and demands he get out of bed, so he won’t miss the school bus. If he misses the bus, comes a threat of having to deal with his father over being disobedient.

Even the fact that he should have to go to school has him puzzled, because it’s a teacher-only day before the start of the April school holidays. As Martyn dresses, his puzzlement increases. For some reason, his uniform is different – a black top instead of white – and why does he have to wear a cap?

The rest of his house is also strangely different, and he now has a younger sister. When he crosses the road to the bus stop, the boy waiting there is his new younger brother!

The trip to school passes through changed streets, and a glance at the morning newspaper brings further startling revelations: It’s Friday, April 13, 1962. In some unfathomable way, Martyn has jumped back fifty years in time.

With no clue how to return to his proper time, Martyn has entered a nightmare existence, a day of tribulations and sufferings that will eventually lead to the solving of a fifty-year-old mystery.

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Dénouement: Alexei, Accidental Angel. Book 7

Alexei and Tristan have a secret life as brothers. They are also angels trying to live on Earth as ordinary children, perhaps, the only angels attempting to live such a life.

But now, they suddenly have four new brothers – also angels – who are not only their “twins,” but in miraculous circumstances, have been brought back to life and forward in time by nearly a thousand years.

If Alexei and Tristan, as well as their newly resurrected kin, believe that the fulfillment of the prophecy from the cross signals the end of their trials, they are sadly mistaken.

An ancient parchment long concealed in the crypt of the restored church reveals there are still dangerous old enemies to overcome, one more important battle to fight, and one more angel to find if they are to succeed.

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Pieces of the Puzzle

Sakey_Cover_WebFor Alex and Carolyn, a simple swimming getaway after football trials turns into a parents’ worst nightmare, when their younger son, nine-year-old Jordan, disappears.

Within hours, they realise he’s become the victim of some bizarre kidnapping plot, one without a ransom demand, just a strange note apologizing for the boy being taken.

When Jordan is not quickly found, Alex and Carolyn’s family begins to disintegrate. Most of the blame is placed on their twelve-year-old son, Joshua, who was supposed to be watching out for his younger brother. He now endures the brunt of his mother’s anger.

Almost a year later, the family is astounded when Jordan simply turns up at home to have breakfast, expecting everything to still be as it once was. However, amid all the mystery and rejoicing over his sudden and safe return, it appears the family will never return to normal.

For a start, Jordan refuses to reveal where he’s been the past year, apart from saying he was dying and was in a hospital, where he was “cured.”

Secondly, he talks of impossibilities, saying that he met his identical twin. He also begins to display surprising new abilities, including being able to play the piano and speak fluent French. The changes are so extreme that, as Alex and Carolyn try to put the mysterious Pieces of the Puzzle together, they come to suspect that the boy who returned is not really their son.

Beginnings: Alexei, Accidental Angel—Book 1

dkdkdkdkdkAlexei has a secret—a secret that makes him different from every other boy in his class. Very different, in fact, from any child he has ever seen—boy or girl. So far, nobody else knows his secret. Not even his foster parents or his sisters.

While he has managed to keep it that way for more than a year, it is starting to get more and more difficult to keep his secret with each passing day. More especially now that he is into a new school year at a new and very strict school, a school where he has already been subject to some nasty bullying, because of his slightly “quirky” behaviour and the peculiar way he looks in his rather too large school uniform.

Today is Monday—the first day of the third week of the school term—and once again, Alexei has a P.E. class, which means swimming lessons. So far, he has managed to avoid all of them; but there is no way that he can keep doing so without getting punished, quite severely. Going swimming, however, will also reveal his secret, and he is not sure if his classmates, his teachers, his school, or even the world, is quite ready for that!

Alexei has wings!

Alexei, Accidental Angel – Book 2: Intervention

Sakey_Cover_WebAlexei has a secret. He is different from every other boy in his class. Different, in fact from any boy or girl he has ever seen. He may be only eleven years old, but he is also an angel who has just completed a mission to save the life of his human sister. When dressed in his school uniform, he may look like any other child, but he possesses special angelic abilities, such as being able to be invisible. He also has wings and can fly!

As yet, almost no one knows his secret. Not even his foster parents.  But a moment of carelessness on a wind-swept beach and the ruthless actions of an amateur bird-watcher, intent on having his moment of television fame, are about to place Alexei’s whole existence in jeopardy. With the knowledge that such a revelation could eventually lead to his having to give up his life posing as a human child, Alexei realises that it is time to reveal his secret to those closest to him. With the hope that, instead of viewing him as a “mutant freak,” they will give him the help he needs to continue his life on Earth and avoid the bird-watcher’s criminal intentions.

Prague: An Unforgettable Story of Betrayal and Redemption

bEleven-year-old Vasya Gergiev suffers at the hands of monsters both in the house where he is held prisoner and on the streets of Prague. Taken from a Polish orphanage by Tomek Markovic, a minor player in a major child prostitution operation across Europe, Vasya undergoes the physical and mental anguish of sexual abuse.

Undercover police officer Yuri Seminkov has managed to infiltrate the child smuggling organization headed by Markovic, his task being to arrange the purchase and sale of ‘merchandise’ that Markovic procures from orphanages. But until he can obtain enough evidence to put Markovic behind bars – or worse – Seminkov is powerless to aid the children that are forced into submission training sessions for Markovic’s clients.

Vasya’s life is altered when he encounters a couple who, for their own reasons as well as his, decide to help him escape the brutality of his captor. But Tomek has other plans in store for the runaway, and it is up to Yuri to make sure Vasya will no longer fall victim to Tomek, his clients or anyone else.

Alexei, Accidental Angel – Book 3: Nemesis

Sakey_Cover_WebAlexei has a secret. He is an angel who decides to remain on earth and live life as a child.

And he has wings!

So far, he has restored his sister to a normal life, survived a kidnapping attempt, and saved the life of his cousin. But further, even bigger, battles await him.

 Now that they are aware of what their adopted son really is, Steve and Evelyn – his foster parents – have decided to settle on a remote island to give him a better chance of a normal life.

In a chain of events that begins with Alexei saving the life of a young hang glider pilot, his life seems, at first, to be taking a turn for the better.

But a far more menacing problem is still waiting to test him.

Will Alexei, in all his child-like innocence, survive the brutal act of revenge

that lies in wait for him?

Alexei, Accidental Angel – Book 4: Brothers

unnamed (1)Alexei has a secret. He is an angel who has decided to remain on Earth to live life as an eleven-year-old child, after completing his “mission,”

He believes he is the only angel attempting to live as a human and, as a result, must constantly hide his wings and other angel abilities.

Having survived an attempt on his life by an evil angel after helping his human family, Alexei is about to have unexpected company arrive in the form of a brother boy-angel.

The only problem is that for this to happen, a tragic event must also take place. An event about which Alexei has been sworn to absolute secrecy, even though it will most likely result in hurting someone rather close to his heart.

As a further complication, a link to the past will unexpectedly cause him and his new angel brother to also be in considerable danger.

Alexei, Accidental Angel – Book 5: Revelation

Revelation is the fifth book in Morgan Bruce’s seven-part “Accidental Angel” series.

Alexei and Tristan have a secret. They are brothers who are also angels trying to live a life on Earth as ordinary children. They have wings and can fly, teleport, and be invisible, and they believe they are the only angels attempting such an undertaking.

Amidst their need for secrecy, they have already survived an attempt on their lives by a mad photographer, and the evil intentions of a turned angel. Now it seems they are being readied for a new mission to right the wrongs of a distant past, even though they don’t yet understand how they will go about this new quest.

As a further complication, the discovery of an ancient chalice starts to give them unnerving dreams, designed to provide them with knowledge of past events that relate to the future. But this knowledge also exposes them to considerable danger from both human and angelic realms.

In all of this, they find an unexpected future ally in a very sick boy in a hospital on the far side of the world

Alexei, Accidental Angel – Book 6

Alexei and Tristan have a secret life as brothers. They are also angels trying to live a life on Earth as ordinary children, and are perhaps the only angels attempting such a life.

With each of them having already survived an attempt on their life, and amidst their need for secrecy, events are now coming into place for the biggest challenge they have ever faced.

The fulfilment of a prophecy carved in stone tells of righting the wrongs of a distant past.

The strange dreams that have given them access to even more knowledge of the past have not only shown them the horrors of those events, but also a way to enact the prophecy.

But in doing so, both of them will be exposed to unexpected mortal danger.

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About the Author

Author_Sakey_pixMorgan Bruce has written seven books for teens and adults. He has been a schoolteacher for over 35 years, taught cricket, soccer and table tennis as well as managed an orchestra and various teenage rock groups. He has two daughters, now grown, and three grandsons: Ryan, Cole and Finn. Morgan lives in Auckland, New Zealand.