Books by O. L. Morgan

Global Seasons: The Flame


Michael, a young, imaginative, and creative artist, paints scenes on glass globes, only to discover that fairies have made his globes magical! Two children, Sarah and John, are brother and sister. Together they find these beautiful globe masterpieces and learn that they are magical.

The children embark on the journey of a lifetime when they see that the world contains more magic than they had ever thought possible. Sarah and John have many fears, but their curiosity overcomes all obstacles. The two also realize that everything in the real world is not always as it seems.

Sarah and John discover the magical side of the world and what is truly possible when they find enchanted pieces of art in their own home. They encounter a demon basilisk hound, and find that it is difficult to get rid of it.

The Darkness is the evil lurking in the shadows that is trying to get rid of all male unicorns, and it summoned the demon basilisk hound to do its work. Can the children save the unicorn?
Global Seasons: The Flame is the first of six Global Seasons books.

Global Seasons: The Fairy Ring

Four children find each other in a strange, magical way and figure out that they have more in common with one another than they would’ve ever thought. They join together and embark on a journey to rejuvenate the magical enchantments of the Fairy Ring Global World. Along the way they figure out that family members have been keeping secrets from them about many things. They also find that there’s more magic within the real world and the Fairy Ring world than they could’ve ever imagined and that there are dark forces at work to overtake both of them.

For the Darkness Will Stop at Nothing to Get Whatever it Wants




About the Authorauthor-pic-1(1)

O.L. Morgan grew up in the mountains of Tennessee and then moved to Hawaii, which he finds very inspiring. “The rainbows and waterfalls here are magical, and the rainforest has so many avenues to discover exactly what is hiding behind the scenic views, and what wonders are yet to be discovered.”