Author Othniel Poole

The Letters of Tabula/Saint Patrick

The Letters of Tabula and Saint Patrick are two books in one, both reflecting family life in perplexing, adventurous environments.

The Letters of Tabula alternates between poetry and short stories in the manner of Othniel Poole’s poetry volumes, including Chapel of Green Stone. It’s crowned with the further adventures of the Rosas and the Batistes, both before and after Poole’s novel Gohm. These include Darcee and Tabula’s toddler days involving some strange fruit, bad dreams, and a first reading experience. It also looks to the future, where Tabula and Gohm are married and yet to conceive, and Darcee has yet to find someone.

Saint Patrick features thirteen short stories that continue the adventures of Patrick and Leah Curlewis. He’s a supernatural psychiatrist and an actor. The stories follow his adventures in Hollywood and Melbourne, Australia, and all the movie lots and psych wards in between. Therein lies romance, family, and the challenges of relationships. Plus there’s a boatload of Dad jokes.

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Breadbasket’s Army: A Collection of Linked Space Stories

Following Breadbasket’s, Leon’s, and the Waiter’s return in the books Yetser Days and Letters of Tabula/Saint Patrick, they are back again in a series of short stories written by Othniel Poole over the ANZAC Day weekend of 2020.

Here we find a simple lad named Breadbasket joining the Earth Army, which wants to gain a hold across the universe. His friends Leon and the Waiter are with him, and so are his sister Saraph, his spiritual advisor W.A.H., and his parents, Soren and Giggle. There are also new characters from the other side of the galaxy who all become friends, even in the face of danger.

This book is dedicated to those who remember the 1990s, when worlds were there to see and explore.

Being light speed, this is very quick to read!

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Yetser Days: A Season In The City Of Stories (Including “Private Breadbasket” and “Physiognomy”)

Yetser Days: A Season In The City Of Stories is the companion volume of Kiriathsepher.

Yetser Days are the days of imagination, where many worlds intersect with Kiriathsepher and the New Jerusalem. The book is a collection of poetry and short
stories written over an eight-month period.

Ellen Groovy returns and is baptised, and Gohm, Tabula, and Ludwig Othello wrestle with their relationships and their careers. There are songs of devotion, poems of praise and vision, and stories of growing up.

The book concludes with the Physiognomy stories. “Physiognomy was inspired by a very dark time in my life a few years ago, even though it’s a very funny story,” said Othniel Poole.

Locations feature Kiriathsepher, The City of Stories, the realm of the imagination and the eighth mountain of influence; The New Jerusalem, the consummation of all things; and Antwerp, a future suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

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Ellen Groovy

Ellen Groovy is an actress, and she improvises her life, which reads like a B-movie.

She is a mother who adds products into shops without telling anybody. She is haunted by a mysterious purple woman. She has been to the future, which is west of Bacchus Marsh, and to the past, to the origins of fast food.

She makes many friends, and even her enemies really like her. She would love to meet you!

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Kiriathsepher: To Justify Occupying the City of Stories

Kiriathsepher is a village of imagination.

Kiriathsepher is a collection of poems that express the occupation of imagination for the good. The epic title poem features four children – Marcus, Matthew, Lucas, and Jeanne – who live in a future war zone, comforted only by virtual reality as an escape.

While inside their virtual world, they discover someone very real, who tells them about Kiriathsepher, the City of Stories. They enter this world and it comes flooding into the war zone, changing everything.

There is also an epic poem about a stubborn teacher from China who encounters a challenge, as well as poems set in science labs, mazes, and at weddings. Some works feature characters from the author’s previous stories, letting fans in for a treat.

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The Romantic Vs. The Gregarious

The Romantic Vs. The Gregarious is a comedy about relationships that’s set in Stabethy, a town where all men are gregarious and have curly blonde hair.

Ari Helvetica loves Libby and wants to make a good impression on her, but during a cab accident they stumble upon the Rhomanthique, a big man the colour of ruddy rust who is covered in lumps. He eats only chocolates and drinks only wine, and throws roses at people who pass by. Because of this, he is picked on and lives alone.

Attracted by his strangeness, Libby falls in love with the Rhomanthique. Ari tries to win back Libby’s affections, but is stymied seemingly at every move. Can he win back the girl of his dreams?

If you’ve ever wondered where romance begins, you’re about to find out!

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Loaves and Kisses

Loaves and Kisses consists of devotional poetry, in addition to speculative short stories with a tinge of gospel. There are psalms, word pictures, and retellings of characters in the Bible in the first thirty poems.

The last three stories in the book are:

“The Meteor Book” describes two people on another planet who discover a mysterious book inside a meteorite and have quite a time deciphering what it means.
“Every Tree Is A Library” tells of a world where pain is a currency that’s exchanged in blows and is banked in pain banks.
“Gelp The Whelp” offers the remarkable adventures of a man in the future who works in a frozen food factory.

The author wrote this book to express the message of the gospel in imaginative ways that everyone can understand and appreciate.

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Chapel of Greenstone

The author’s second book of poetry as Othniel Poole, Chapel of Green Stone: Verse for Walking and Talking, was written between 2015 and 2018.

Like his previous poetry collection Ezekiel & Meytu: Fanciful Songs and Songs of the Book, there are poems about animals. “Unicycle University” is a poem about a college for unicorns. “The Checkered Ant” describes a colony of ants on an airplane.

There are also poems about historical figures such as poets William Blake and Hermas. But the majority of this book is verse about walking and talking, exploring the modern landscape in a variety of styles. These are poems for the wanderer, the dreamer, the watchman, and the sentry.

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Gohm: A Novel of Fathers, Discernment and Growing Up (Including Miss Rosa)

Once upon a time in the future, a boy named Gohm has ten fathers, all very individual individuals, and one mother. His fathers don’t like being called Dad, insisting that Gohm calls them each by name. To remember them all, his family has their names tattooed on Gohm’s ten fingers.

One day while playing in the village, a boy named Yarr blinds Gohm during a confrontation. Gohm’s parents take him back to the tattooist, who provides Gohm with a pink Gorgon Cube, which restores his sight. Whenever Gohm turns the cube, he sees things in a very different way.

Gohm meets Darcee and Tabula, the daughters of a bushranger, and a blind man named Sixpence, who comes to his aid more than once. Gohm wanders through a world he desperately tries to understand, including his fathers’ workplaces, an art gallery, and a picnic, through all times of the day, and even in his dreams.

Will Gohm discover what is really going on?

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Ezekiel & Meytu: Fanciful Songs and Songs of the Book

A collection of poems, roughly half about the Bible and half featuring fanciful animal
tales and adventures are featured in Ezekiel & Meytu.

There are tributes to the prophet Ezekiel and to prophet Isaiah’s son Shear-Jashub. A poetic retelling of Herodias and John the Baptist are also highlighted, as well as an ode to St. Paul and Festus.

When it comes to the fanciful, a grand speech made by a golf ball to other golf balls
on the green looks ahead to better times. Other whimsical offerings include guinea pigs that get lost, an Australian Bushranger who goes on an adventure around the world, a gnat that gets too big for its boots, and an opera-singing baby.

Stories from the Songs of the Book are from Biblical times and are set in the Holy Land or the Roman Empire. The Fanciful Songs main characters are often animals or inanimate objects that come to life in a variety of imaginative landscapes and times.

These wonderful poems bring out the humour in the Bible.

Traquelero: A Quest for Happiness

Traquelero is a gamebook where readers choose the direction they want to go in a most unusual national park, full of adventure, curious creatures, and different peoples. Discovering happiness is the goal, reached through advice from the people encountered in the park, as well as from tasks and mini-quests within, each holding a message.

The adventure begins as a 15-year-old boy heads off on a school trip to Seaverwerk-Traquelero National Park. His class is excited by the trip, but the boy is not happy at all. He misses his old school and old friends.

Distracted by a pond full of tiny whales, the boy is separated from his class and gets lost. He finds a park ranger in the middle of a grassy plain, and from there embarks upon a Quest for Happiness, consisting of finding love, money, and wisdom.

Readers also set off in the national park on their own quest, where they encounter grasslands, desert, mountains, the ruins of a town named Helequaint, and its sister city (not ruined) named Helequaint II. There is also a jungle, a lake, and an expanse of obsidian, all located in this park.

The quest has begun!

About the Author

Othniel Poole lives in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, where
there used to be a lot of koalas. “There are still a few, and when they sound their cry, they sound like coffee percolators.”