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Godfrey-do-Goody and the Hen-pecked Cockerels

unnamed (9)This first children’s book by Colin S. Story (Papy Coco) explains how bullying disrupts the educational system, creating serious problems in schools and homes.

The story is seen through the eyes of farm animals. There are horses, goats, cows, pigs, a sheep dog, and even a cat with kittens. Mummy pig is staying near her piglets. She is worried about the hens and chicks that are chased by the big bully cockerels.

The main character is a small cockerel named Godfrey-do-Goody. Being a lot smaller than the other cockerels, Godfrey-do-Goody is getting picked-on by the bullies. The big cockerels think it is great fun to bully the little fellow, while their bad behavior makes Godfrey-do-Goody very lonely and unhappy.

The hens and chicks notice that the little cockerel is sad. They decide to change things by getting organized. First they peck and chase the big cockerels into the hedge, and then their leader is given a good lecture by a wise hen, which makes the bully promise to never, ever bully any animals that are smaller and weaker than him.

Godfrey-do-Goody and the Hen-Pecked Cockerels will delight very young children and it makes a charming bed-time story for parents to read to their children who haven’t started reading.

The tale is delightfully illustrated by the colourful drawings of Kalpart.

About the Author

unnamed (10)Colin S. Story, writing as Papy-Coco, was born in Wrexham, north Wales, UK. In 2015 he published a short biography about his first year in Dordogne, France, where he now lives. This is his second book and more are on the way.