One Old Ox Opening Oysters:

A Fun Tongue-Twister Book for Children of All Ages

by Paula Colette Bayley

978-1-63135-060-3-PBayleyCoverAbout the Book Tackling Timeless Terrific Tongue-Twisters Takes Talent!

If you’ve had pleasure repeating “she sells seashells on the seashore,” you’ll love this new book of tongue-twisters!

All ages will enjoy testing their linguistic talents on these challenging, light-hearted teasers. The author and former Public Health Nurse Paula Colette Bayley believes that reading should be fun, and her wonderful book with its fun alliteration certainly fits the bill.

In One Old Ox Opening Oysters, you’ll enjoy trying to get your tongue around “Three tame tigers taking tea together,” or “Six Scottish soldiers singing Scottish songs,” or maybe “Ten tired tinkers tenderly tinkling tinder tins.”

There will be fun and laughter as individuals or groups endeavor to pronounce all the words of the tongue twisters out loud. Brought to life by talented New Zealand artist Alysha Heyrick, the imaginary characters in the book have been in the memory of the author since childhood.

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