The Trojan Horse President

Authors Peter A. Olsson and Laurence F. Messner both had high hopes when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

“We were impressed with Obama’s gift for moving and eloquent speeches. As both black and white himself, Obama had a unique opportunity. We had hopes that Obama would bring black America and white America together to continue our country’s solid progress toward freedom and justice for all,” the authors state.

“After a severe economic crisis, we hoped for the return of American economic prosperity, military power, and spiritual leadership for peace in the world through American strength of leadership. We have been sorely disappointed in Mr. Obama! This book expresses our intense disappointments and the rationale behind our thinking.”

The opinions, discussions, and correspondence in The Trojan Horse President took place from soon after Barack Obama’s election to the presidency until just before the presidential election of 2016.

About the Authors: Peter A. Olsson and Laurence F. Messner have a combined writing experience of 75 years. Both authors grew up in Queens, New York, in the 1940s and 1950s, which instilled in them a traditional, conservative value system. The authors currently reside in Hampton, New Hampshire. Olsson is a retired psychiatrist/psychoanalyst who now writes books on cults, domestic and international terrorism, and commentary on the current American scene via novels, essays, and poetry. Messner is a retired Air Force officer and professor of leadership, who is currently an antiques dealer and author writing on both topics.

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