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Today’s Prayer and Meditation

unnamed (7)“Pray without ceasing” is more easily said than done. Prayer and meditation are a foundational aspect of a Christian walk. As we work to make our lives a prayer, the depth of our talks with God go further than simple requests to spiritual introspection and reflection, looking both inward and outward for answers that help us grow. Today’s Prayer and Meditation features 365 prayers that dig deep into the pressing questions in one’s spiritual walk.

“I have known Phil for many years and can witness to the fact that his daily prayers are exactly the way he lives his life.  The messages of each prayer to God takes us to higher levels of thought and spiritual understanding. Even more important, the prayers focus our thoughts to God and His mission and purpose for us.”

“As a professor, he showed love and concern to all of his students. He selflessly helped beyond their studies and mentored and coached many with addictions, and severe personal issues. As my friend, he has been supportive, and more important, always in prayer for me, my family, and for those in the world around us. I highly recommend joining with what he calls, ‘the Prayer Warriors’ and praying daily.” Mark Conroy, pastor, Coastal Church, Daytona Beach, Florida\

Author Bio

unnamed (8)Phillip C. Reinke, Phillip Reinke, author, and psychology and philosophy professor, set out on “his walk” over forty years ago. Surviving a heart condition and cancer, his faith never wavered and his prayers grew more frequent, yet selfless. Join in a year’s worth of prayer and meditation that may make the difference in your life. He currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.