Behold The Personal Main Coon


The large “American made” Maine Coon cat is the second most popular cat in the world. In some areas, it is the first and foremost pet cat. What is so special about this feline? Why is it so popular and where can you get one?

This fascinating book is a hands-on guide to owning this popular family pet. Find out what this cat has to offer, and learn how to adopt, socialize, train, and adore this new member of your family. Behold the Personal Maine Coon!

Says Phyllis Stiebens, “This is a unique and special breed of cat that I have bred, raised, loved, and shown for over 32 years. People who ask about the cats all need the same basic information and help in raising the best family pet, so this book is that guide.”

This is the revised edition of the author’s first book published in 2008, The Personal Maine Coon by Phyllis Tobias, her name prior to her remarriage.