The Bucket Shop 6 and the Curse of Gold
by Ray Sombach

About the Book

SombachCV_WebThe Bucket Shop 6 and the Curse of Gold takes place thirty years ago in the mid 1980s, when the oil industry was in crisis in western Canada, the communist system was falling apart in the Soviet Union, and gold became the new reviving industry in Canada, which was the place to be in those days.

This down-home novel presents an old-fashioned love story taking place in tumultuous times in the heart of Canadian ranch country.

“Her mother’s mission for her children was clearly spelled out in their early years. For them, it was dedicated service to farm, kitchen and family in God’s eyes and in this regard, for some strange reason, it was common knowledge that Olivia Munroe and Sam Hammerly were fated to be together. It would be a marriage made in Heaven, her mother once told her. It was inevitable and for a long time, Olivia believed it.”

About the Author

From Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Ray Sombach is a retired firefighter and journalist.

The Bucket Shop 6 was written about his experiences during the gold boom years. He has written two other books.