Books by Rita Chapman

Destiny: Part 2 of the Liberty Saga

Centuries in the future, vampires rule Earth, though they are not a powerful as they
used to be.
Liberty has grown and developed into a strong human. She is committed to being the
Life Partner of the emperor’s adoptive son, David, and is now a princess in her own
She and her friends are still looking for the last of the Sky Dwellers, someone who is
needed to help Liberty fulfill the destiny scripted for her before her birth.
The princess faces many trials, and is even given the option that the path she follows
might not be the only one, as there may be a rival script. This other option is
presented to her by a being who dwells in the lower levels of the castle, someone she
is drawn to and is the complete opposite of her Life Partner.
In part two of this saga, Liberty must develop her own powerful inner strength and be
wise enough to start making her own decisions.