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978-1-62516-343-1-RJDeNardoCoverHoly Jeranian Cow! What’s in Store for 40th Century Earth?Hold on tight. This witty sci-fi and fantasy adventure is ready to take you for the ride of a lifetime. Join the sometimes buffoonish former United League of Planets Captain Robert Michael Calyx on his adventures and misadventures in the 40th century.The once venerable but now decommissioned captain is presumably just along for the ride aboard Starship Americus III, a newly upgraded and swift tachyon-driven ship that’s capable of traveling 1,000 times the speed of light. As planet Earth is dying of toxic waste, the space voyage begins to a mysterious star in the constellation Orion.Learn what’s in store for the captain and for Earth in this fantastical adventure.

The sky’s the limit! Watch the video now.

THE CAPTAIN’S PROPENSITY: THE ANDROMEDA INCIDENT II (ISBN: 978-1-62516-343-1) is now available for $18.95and can be ordered through the publisher’s website or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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About the Author: R.J. DeNardo is an internationally known award-winning author. This book is the culmination of a nearly six-month effort to develop it from a short story to full-length novel.The Captain’s Propensity is the sequel to his first novel The Andromeda Incident.He is currently writing the third and final book of the trilogy, Out of Chaos Comes Hope. In 1990, he published a small collection of poems and accompanying black-and-white photographs of Key West, Florida. The author is a holistic therapist who lives and practices in Palm Springs, California. Visit Author Website.