Books By R.N. Dunne

The Ghost of Neilson Manor

9781609110895_Dunne_CV_092909.inddR.N. Dunne’s The Ghost of Neilson Manor is a wonderfully delicious and scary tale about a newlywed’s inheritance and the surprises that come with it.

Becky and George Davis are a beautiful young couple, excited about starting their lives together.

Two weeks after their nuptials, they receive word that they’ve inherited a fortune from George’s family. Life couldn’t get much better, the two believe, and they travel from their Calgary, Canada home to Bromborough England to collect the fortune that lies within the walls of the family manor.

Upon arrival, they’re warned by Scotland Yard to stay clear of Neilson Manor; legend has that it’s haunted, and those who enter meet with a very ill fate. The two laugh off the warning as simple folklore and move into the manor to explore its magnificence.

Sydney, the manor’s caretaker, gives them their second warning to go back home and forget about the fortune, as it holds a curse that destroys anyone who dares to take it from the manor. But Becky and George are determined to claim what’s theirs, curse or no curse!

As they spend more time in the manor, strange events begin to happen. George meets the ghost of his deceased grandfather and disappears. Becky becomes lost in the myriad of secret walls and passages and stumbles upon the family treasure which holds a ghastly and devastating surprise.

Will the treasure be worth the risk?

Ruth Dunne’s ominous tale is filled with doom, ancient curses, and scary surprises. Cuddle up on the couch on a stormy night and settle in for a wicked good read.


An Adventurous Cub Meets Nessssss      

unnamedDarrel and Troy are so excited to go camping with their Cub Scout troop that they can hardly stand still. This is the first time away from home for the eight-year-old boys and they plan to have plenty of fun.

The trip to the campsite is only an hour away, but the Cubs never see the scenery, as they keep busy singing songs and just having fun. After setting up their tents, the kids happily gather wood for the campfire and help prepare their meal. Somehow cheeseburgers taste so much better when cooked outdoors!

But Darrel and Troy break the rules when they are sent to gather sticks for the campfire and go beyond the safe markers to a bright meadow. They get into trouble when they meet up with something they never expected, and learn an important lesson.