Books by Robert Fitzgerald Jr

The Children of Loki: *A Gezka Faucmerz and Kiel Bronson Novel

Using mercenaries in corporate conflict and cross-cultural relationships are the central themes of The Children of Loki.

A middle-aged mulatto man from planet Earth discovers his military muse when he comes across one of Emperor Rejkyavik’s organic sentient warriors in The Rim. Kiel’s natural fascination with foreign military equipment and technology, as well as his refusal to back down from difficult situations, force Kiel to deal with the big, albino woman of the Exterior Federation.

A young soldier – probably suffering from severe combat fatigue – finds herself in a bizarre situation. For reasons unknown, the only foreigner who can approach her without being attacked is also the oldest man, aside from her Emperor, whom she has ever seen.

To their astonishment, they fall into perfect step with one another. It is not long before the two learn that they make a fantastic Company Command team, and they establish a mercenary Order.

Despite fighting on the side of the good, both Kiel and Gezka are sure that if there is any god behind their meeting, it must be that rascal, Loki.