Books by Robert Mukiibi

Love’s Eulogist

Love’s Eulogist: Beautiful Naked Words is a poetry collection about love and life: Love in all its nature and fullness; life in all its nature and fullness.

Author Robert Mukiibi from Uganda says, “My motivation comes from a vast array of things,

but foremost, the misinterpretation of love in my country or the lack of it in families, couples, and friends. I felt like I should begin to write in a way that would open people’s eyes to the truth and nature of love. I want to be a global voice, speaking through poetry to uplift the faint-hearted and rekindle lovers’ hearts. That’s one part of my motivation. On the other side, I am motivated by what I see, hear, read, and from pain, sorrow, happiness, and imagination.

“Robert Mukiibi’s work extols his love of life, his phrases are smooth and tantalizing. A gifted young poet, he is proud to be Ugandan, yet wanting to sing to the world, sharing his thoughts and caressing words.”Karen Coody Cooper, poet from Tahlequah, Oklahoma

“I have used Mukiibi’s timeless, heartfelt, and unpretentious poetry to inspire my own students to write.”Bernadette Parker, writer and teacher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

About the Author

From Kampala, Uganda, Robert Mukiibi is a self-taught poet whose passion for writing falls among his heart’s most treasured preferences. He is the author of two other books of poetry, Curls of Ecstasy and Honey of Love. He started writing at age 14, and his poetry has appeared in newspapers and poetry publications. He was awarded a certificate of participation by UNESCO for writing an essay in 2010 for the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan.