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Alon the Archer in the Year 1626

unnamed (5)Our tale is the story of a young English archer who has become famous because of his rescue of English sailors, and his capture of a Spanish galleon loaded with treasure.

Proficient in the use of flaming arrows, Alon wins the King’s archery contest and is then asked by the King to free the Archbishop of Canterbury from pirates.

On his way back to England after accomplishing the mission, Alon comes across a stolen English revenue cutter, which he recaptures. Due to all his successful and daring exploits, the East India Trading Company asks Alon to help the company eliminate pirates off the coast of Africa, vicious men who have been harassing English shipping.

“In the year 1624, a young archer by the name of Alon was caught poaching deer on Lord Harold’s property. The punishment for poaching was death, but Alon’s life was spared by Lord Harold because Alon had won the king’s archery contest. Instead of punishing Alon, he was instead made Lord Harold’s gamekeeper and chief hunter.” Thus starts this seafaring adventure.

About the Author

Originally from Upper Michigan, Ronald I. Johnson has lived in California for more than thirty years. Now retired, he previously ran a health care technology consulting, mergers, and acquisition firm. This is his sixth book.