Notes of Forgiveness: A Daughter’s Journey and a Mother’s Gift by Sarada Bonnett & Sandra E. Cordray

978-1-62857-444-9SBonnettCoverAbout the Book

Few books offer insight into the combination of music, faith, and family during the early rock era.

Notes of Forgiveness is the compelling coming-of-age story of Sarada, daughter of rockabilly pioneer Sherry Davis. The memoir recalls Sherry’s life after the spotlight, her addiction, and her unwavering faith in God to help raise Sarada. The book demonstrates the wisdom Sarada received from her mother’s faith, leading her to realize the importance of Christ’s message in her struggles. This is a powerful recollection of the other side of fame through the eyes of a child.

Sarada recalls dining room stories about Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and others as though they were relatives. She remembers her mother sacrificing her singing career to raise a family, all while battling addiction. Notes of Forgiveness provides a compelling examination of faith and perseverance in the face of forfeited dreams.

Sarada BonnettSarada Bonnett has offered a compelling story of her own journey with a mom who was both a fighter and a victim, and the realities of overcoming life’s pain and disappointments. Anyone who has dealt with the challenges of home life that is less than perfect will appreciate the insightful ride of Notes of Forgiveness.” – Ryan Rush, senior pastor, Bannockburn Baptist Church, author of Walls and Home on Time

In this book Sarada Bonnett shares with us her amazing story that gives such a great example of someone who finds a way to never give up and to keep a positive attitude throughout her life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is overwhelmed with adversity and challenges. This book will help you soar above them. Well done!” – Ryan C. Lowe, author of Get off Your