Cats I Have Loved by Sara Munson Deats with Conrad Gordon Deats

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Cats I Have Loved celebrates my life with cats. Ten of these indelible individuals, each totally different from the others, shared my adult life. I structured this book around these ten unforgettable, singular individuals, allotting each a chapter, in the hope of capturing the colorful and varied personalities of each of my furry companions and probing the life lessons each has taught me.

Additional chapters are devoted to other animals that enlivened my life, including the canines and felines from the Animal Protection League of Tampa Bay, where I served for several years as the “Adoption Lady,” the University of South Florida feral cats, and the amazing birds, bunnies, and dogs that have fluttered, hopped, and trotted in and out of my life as fleeting guests rather than permanent residents.

This book also chronicles my husband’s and my struggles to aid animal welfare and prevent animal abuse. Intertwined with the narrative of all these remarkable creatures is the story of a couple who always enjoyed the succor and solace of their feline friends.

Ultimately, this book is a tribute to the feline companions that have so enriched my life, providing entertainment and anxiety, laughter and migraines, celebration and heartache, while teaching me so much about love and the meaning of life.

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Sara Munson Deats was granted a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and attended Stanford University and UCLA, where she received a Ph.D. in English literature. For 40 years she taught English at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Her husband Conrad Gordon Deats is a sculptor who became art critic for the Tampa Tribune, where he wrote two weekly columns on art and antiques.