Books by Sinthya Aguilar

Princess of Darkness

unnamed (7)Victoria grew up in the foster care system. She knew she was different from everyone else, but never knew why. After many years in the system and enduring much abuse, she runs away to discover who she really is.

With the help of her foster brother Ray, Victoria begins to explore the many talents she has kept hidden. One day, she meets a coven of vampires led by Vincent. They ask for her help in defeating an evil vampire set on destroying Vincent and his coven. Victoria is reluctant to get involved, but is convinced by Syrus, Vincent’s right hand man. Victoria and Syrus develop strong feelings toward each another.

By helping others, she uncovers secrets about her past and finds her true self.

About the Author

unnamed (8)First-time author Sinthya Aguilar hopes this becomes the first book of a series. She lives in the Los Angeles area and is a big music fan