A Destiny to Be Reached

We all follow different paths in life. Some are born into violence and incest. Some find love and become wildly successful. Some escape into drugs and despair. Sarah has done it all. At age 15 she was imprisoned in a convent and gave birth to an illegitimate baby. She later married and raised more children with the father of her first child, who was a cruel and violent husband. She managed to escape being almost beaten to death and was given six weeks to live.

Despite these challenges and the sacrifice of leaving her young children behind, Sarah’s inner strength and determination took her back to the UK to build a career and become one of the first highly respected businesswomen in Europe. She was later driven by destiny to create a new life in the country she had escaped from to meet a man she was told she had loved before. Coming full circle, Sarah’s remarkable life is shared in this book along with valuable lessons about fate, guardian angels and the cycle of life.

Author Bio: This book is the true story of Sue McKeough’s life. Born in England and taken to Australia at an early age, Sue experienced horrors that many have only imagined. At age 59, she is sharing her story to help spread a positive message about the journeys and choices we make in life and the wonders we experience along the way. She plans to continue her life story with her next book.

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