My Vanishing African Dreams

unnamed (5)My Vanishing African Dreams describes my unusual and exciting life as a woman, both on our cattle ranch where we were traders in beef cattle in Kenya, and my remarkable experiences exploring Kenya’s mostly uninhabited Northern Frontier District.

My story includes the mountains I’ve climbed and the dangers of those climbs, as well as treacherous experiences encountering wildlife.

I was taught to fly by my father, and during our flying years, survived aircraft accidents and other unforeseen tragedies.

My travels to the United States and the adventures there with friends are also included. But my story is really about the never-ending excitement and danger of everyday life in the African wilderness.

Even though it is almost 2017, we still get our hot water from lighting a fire in a wood burner to heat it. We collect our rain water off the house roof, which runs along gutters into huge underground storage tanks. We are miles from a shopping centre, and need a 4×4 Land Rover to get anywhere on our dirt roads that are filled with huge potholes.

About the Author

Born in Nottinghamshire, England, Susan M. Hall emigrated to Kenya when she was four years old. A self-taught artist, she became a professional wildlife and bird artist. She and her family have explored Kenya’s most remote and scenic Northern Districts. She now lives in the countryside north of Mt. Kenya on the border of the Northern Frontier, surrounded by wildlife. This is her first book.