Miss Terry’s Easy Cookbook: Easiest Cookbook in America

by Terry Venters

978-1-60976-716-7-TVentersCoverAbout the Book

What’s cooking? If you read Miss Terry’s Easy Cookbook, you’ll know exactly what to put on your dinner table tonight and every night. After all, Miss Terry’s is the Easiest Cookbook in America!

Says author Terry Venters, “It all started when I was 17, newly married and didn’t know how to cook. I bought the recipe cards in the grocery store, and all you had to do is follow the directions and match the picture. Thank you, Betty Crocker!”

No matter what your cooking expertise, this cookbook will make you look like a pro. Your presentations will be worthy of a gourmet chef. Even the pickiest eaters – children, fussy husbands or mother-in-laws – will be impressed!

Meal time is meant to bring families together to share their day, so make your meals a special time. And it’s all so easy!

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About the Author

Award-winning writer Terry Venters has been writing poetry and children’s stories since 2004. Living with male roommates pushed her into cooking as a survival tactic. She lives in Northridge, California.