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JFK and the End of America: Inside the Allen Dulles/LBJ Plot That Killed Kennedy

“JFK and the End of America is a must-read. Brilliant, thorough, and well-documented, it unravels more of the mysterious facts and entanglements of the conspirators who killed JFK. And this is not stale 50-year-old history; the threads of a covert-ops tapestry tugged apart by author Tim Fleming stretch to our current Deep State and mainstream media nexus.” – Dr. Lance Moore, author of Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies

JFK and the End of America is the culmination of Tim Fleming’s 50 years of research into the Kennedy assassination. The book makes the case that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president. Rather, an elaborate plot, concocted and executed by a sinister, covert cabal, took Kennedy’s life. The plotters who stood to gain the most from JFK’s death – Lyndon Johnson and Allen Dulles – were abetted by powerful interests in government, business, and the military.

Kennedy was moving America toward a permanent peace state, threatening the national security/military establishment whose existence is dependent on a permanent war state. Since 1963, we have been at war or under a threat of war, spending nearly six of every ten tax dollars on defense. It is vital to expose the truth of who killed Kennedy and why, if we are to understand the real history of America since 1963. Fleming draws a straight line from Dallas to the political and cultural divide that afflicts us today.

About the Author JFK and the End of America is Tim Fleming’s first work of nonfiction. His previous books include historical novels The President’s Mortician and Murder of an American Nazi. He is currently working on a literary fiction book, The Last Days of Summer.

The Last Days of Summer: A Memoir of Murder

In September 1963, nine-year-old Patrick McGrath awakens one night to a loud bang in his south St. Louis County home. Frightened by the noise, he creeps into the dark hallway and opens the door to his parents’ room. He sees his mother lying in a pool of blood, dead of a gunshot wound. He is later told that she committed suicide.

The incident leaves a deep psychological scar, and Patrick’s life is never the same. He suppresses his memory of that night for most of his adult life until, against his will, he is forced to confront the truth of it. Through hypnotherapy sessions, he discovers that his mother’s death was not a suicide. It was murder.

With the help of one of the original detectives on the case, Patrick tries to find the real killer forty years after the fact. The pulsating search does more than unravel a murder mystery; it becomes a journey of self-discovery for Patrick. His notions of fate, free will, and the true nature of existence are transformed.

Funny, bittersweet, and shocking, The Last Days of Summer is a vivid remembrance of one man’s painful and poignant childhood, and how he comes to terms with it in middle age.

About the Author

Tim Fleming grew up in St. Louis County, in the very place and time where the story’s main action takes place. His previous works include two historical novels, a nonfiction book, and two short stories.